The Simple Miracle of Vinegar

“Make it simple but significant.” – unknown

Rich started it. Let’s face it, that’s the story of my life. Already, I digress. He’s the chief product formulator (aka mad scientist) behind the MaitriSPA products. He used to make detergents and cleaners for me, but he’s gotten busy with the Farmer’s Market, online store and perfecting the formulas for his personal care products.

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Chemistry: A Love Story

“What goes on your body goes in your body.”

Several years ago, our daughter, about 6 years old, started to develop painful, white, plaque-like canker sores in her mouth. These were no ordinary canker sores – an inch by half an inch, they looked huge in her tiny mouth. We waited until the first one and then the second went away. When it recurred for a third time in as many months, we took her to her Pediatrician, whom we love. He said it was probably viral and to have her swish with saltwater. We didn’t heed that advise because she was six and salt water seemed like cruel and unusual punishment.

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Hodge podge dinner

Who wishes they didn’t have to think of what to make for dinner every night? Me too. I started doing the Fresh 20 program I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. This is a program where you buy 20 ingredients and with their recipes you make five meals. It’s been nice – when I have the organization to get it done. Life gets in the way sometimes – this week in particular.

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Spring cleaning the mind

Many of you already know that I’m spring cleaning – I love it! A cleaning service came to help with the actual cleaning part today. It’s fantastic and I highly recommend it to anyone! I still have to get through the decluttering and reorganizing (cupboards, closets, storage room), treat all of our wood with oil, and do touch-up painting. That’s all before we get started with outside. I’m sure you have a to-do list that’s similar. Part of the decluttering includes getting a dozen or so magazines read and thrown away.

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Elvis & grandma

Yesterday at our church’s Easter Services we had a guest vocalist sing “How Great Thou Art” and as a congregation we sang, “In the Garden (and he walks with me and he talks with me).” These songs were both on my Grandma Erickson’s Elvis Presley Gospel Album (released in 1967) titled “How Great Thou Art.” I remember playing that album and singing these songs at her house (and at church) throughout the years.

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Sunshine and happiness

“When the sun is shining I can do anything; no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult to overcome.” ~ Wilma Rudolph

I’m not your typical sun-loving person who has chosen to live life close to the beach or in the desert. As a teenager, I remember slathering myself with baby oil and putting a mixture of lemon juice and mayonnaise (highlights AND moisturizer!) in my hair before going out to lie in the sun. Lie in the sun in the dry farm grass that poked through my towel…trying carefully to avoid the cactus in the backyard. It was obviously pretty glamorous and probably why I was such a fashion icon in high school!

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Balance and quiet insides

I saw a quote yesterday that said, “Don’t let being perfect get in the way of being good.” It’s so true.

But what about those times I don’t feel like being perfect or good or even mediocre? I feel like forgoing exercise because I’m exhausted. I feel like eating as much as I choose without pausing to count any of the calories I’m inhaling. I would be astonished if I knew…if I allowed myself to stop and think it through.

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Shades of gray

I ate too much last night…dumplings and flourless peanut butter cookies. This…after thirty-four perfect days! It’s so disappointing. I’ve done this before, of course. Often times, I’ve lied about it and just kept going – recording false numbers to submit at the end of the night. Beginning in early February of this year, though – I committed to doing it right and learning everything I can to get this right for a lifetime.

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A little change in perspective

I think we’re supposed to learn as we grow up that change is inevitable and really essential to our successful maturity. I’ve continually found myself feeling a little behind. I’ve always been taken completely by surprise with change and, in most cases, tried to resist it as long as I could. It’s taken many years for me to accept change as a part of living and I’m still working on accepting problems as necessary for growth.

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