Sunshine and happiness

“When the sun is shining I can do anything; no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult to overcome.” ~ Wilma Rudolph

I’m not your typical sun-loving person who has chosen to live life close to the beach or in the desert. As a teenager, I remember slathering myself with baby oil and putting a mixture of lemon juice and mayonnaise (highlights AND moisturizer!) in my hair before going out to lie in the sun. Lie in the sun in the dry farm grass that poked through my towel…trying carefully to avoid the cactus in the backyard. It was obviously pretty glamorous and probably why I was such a fashion icon in high school!

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I ran like the wind

It was a beautiful day here on Friday – 67 degrees with clear skies and no wind. It was a great day for my first outdoor run of the season. I ran like the wind (work with me here). I felt energetic and strong. I ran just over 12 minute miles for 2.5 miles. I felt great…until Saturday. Saturday and Sunday I have felt old and cramped. My quads are unrelenting in their whining and screeching each time I walk the stairs or sit in a chair.

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Face the music

“Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.”  ~ Doug Firebaugh

I have no idea who Doug Firebaugh is but I’ve read and heard from other sources that this is good advice. Doug just happened to show up with this quote on Facebook today and remind me that I need to write something about this.

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I’m Wendy and I’m a Grumpus

I was a grumpus today. There was no way around it. I just was. I didn’t even have the energy to fight it. I just gave in to it. I know I’ve already mentioned that I’ve been sick. It’s gotten out of hand. I had to start antibiotics yesterday after the third straight night of coughing so much I would get about two hours of sleep. This, after taking cough medicine with happy juice in it!

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On limiting collateral damage

Even though I can’t kick a virus to save my life this winter, I’m feeling pretty good; pretty good because I’m working on my twenty-second perfect day in a row. That means I’ve completed three weeks of perfect days – perfect exercise, perfect food. The first twenty or so days of this are the hardest.

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Running scared (or sick)

I’ve been sick more than your average bear this year. I have mostly hated it. I’ve done everything I could to stay well – I’ve been attending to my sleep, eating well, and exercising. Each time I was sick, I used Lysol to clean my door handles and surfaces and bought a new toothbrush. I wash my hands and use hand sanitizer like someone afflicted with OCD. This should not be happening to me! The one thing I can’t change is that I work in a hospital around a bunch of sick people.

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Create your own self fulfilling prophecy

I used to love to walk…if it was between 68-72 degrees with no wind and no rain. That came out to about 10 days a year. It wasn’t a very effective exercise program. If I did anything else – treadmill, elliptical, exercise bike – I would talk to myself about how much I hated it. I was completely self-defeating.

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Rocky mountain high

I forget that this is what balance feels like when it’s been awhile since I’ve been at 100%. There’s no mental fog. This feels good. I have more mental clarity at work than I’ve had in months. I’ve been so productive! There are other benefits, too, but this is one of my favorites.

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Running with A.D.D.

It’s possible that I don’t have what would be considered A.D.D. today – but just a genetic propensity toward impatience and inattention. But I doubt it. I had A.D.D. (or some form of it) before it was a diagnosis. I still do. I did well in school despite it – probably because I went to a small school and had a good group of friends to keep up with academically. I have great parents who fed me well; made sure I was to bed on time, made me work and set a level of expectation for achievement. There were no medications. Even if there were, I don’t think anyone would’ve recommended I needed them.

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