Hodge podge dinner

Who wishes they didn’t have to think of what to make for dinner every night? Me too. I started doing the Fresh 20 program I wrote about a couple of weeks ago. This is a program where you buy 20 ingredients and with their recipes you make five meals. It’s been nice – when I have the organization to get it done. Life gets in the way sometimes – this week in particular.

It’s nice to know your family is getting a good, well-rounded nutritious meal. But sometimes, you just have wing it. You investigate what’s in the fridge and the pantry and throw caution to the wind – everyone eats what they want. It’s probably not ideal but it beats fast food any day of the week. I call it hodge podge dinner.

I love hodge podge dinner. Tonight, Rich had the Hawaiian Chicken I made last night – I just made him some new rice and veggies to go with it. Alex had a cheese burger with left-over chili cheese dip and chips. Allison had (her favorite) orange soup – which is not tomato soup (according to her) because it’s not red and she doesn’t like tomatoes. I had a cheeseburger and some of Rich’s rice.

The great thing about hodge podge dinner is everyone goes away happy. Everyone gets to have what they want to eat and I get to put dinner on the table in 20 minutes or less. Win-win.

As you can see in the picture below, hodge podge dinner is a little messy but I can live with that one night a week or so. What would be included in your hodge podge dinner?

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