A new frontier

You know how I love my soup! There are times I want to make them homemade – do all the chopping and measuring myself. But, sometimes I want spend my time doing other things like reading or writing, cleaning, or just hanging out with the family. That’s when Frontier Soups come in handy.

I know you can buy these mixes at Whole Foods but they’re sold other places, too. Or, you can buy them online. A couple of weeks ago I made the Minnesota Heartland Eleven Bean Soup and Michigan Ski Country Chili. They were both delicious. The chili is made with red wine and the flavor is deep, warm and wonderful.

The next one, that’s on my list to get today, is Colorado Campfire Chicken Stew. The picture makes it look like the inside of a Chicken Pot Pie. Yum! Most of the Frontier Soups I’ve made have taken a few hours to cook because they have beans in them. They also have soup varieties that are ready quickly like South of the Border Tortilla Soup or Virginia Blue Ridge Broccoli Cheddar Soup.

They use the best ingredients and no sodium, MSG or preservatives. Each one comes with its own spice packet. They offer twenty-five gluten-free varieties and eleven vegetarian soups! These probably aren’t soups you’d make every week, but once a month or so (particularly in the winter months), it’s nice to make a meal you don’t have to think about that still meets your requirement for a flavorful and healthy meal for your family.

Give them a try and let me know which ones you think are the best!

Michigan Ski Country Chili

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