I ran like the wind

It was a beautiful day here on Friday – 67 degrees with clear skies and no wind. It was a great day for my first outdoor run of the season. I ran like the wind (work with me here). I felt energetic and strong. I ran just over 12 minute miles for 2.5 miles. I felt great…until Saturday. Saturday and Sunday I have felt old and cramped. My quads are unrelenting in their whining and screeching each time I walk the stairs or sit in a chair.

This was not what I expected for 2.5 miles. The painful truth is: the elliptical that I’ve been working out on most of the winter, while providing a great cardio workout, is no match for pounding the pavement. It looks like the weather won’t cooperate for a nice run like that again for over a week. I have some time to recover. But, it’s time to get into racing mode.

I will do at least one race a month throughout the summer – 5K’s and 10K’s. I have moved my half-marathon plan up to August 3rd – in St. Paul, MN. My friend Cathy, who’s apparently lost her mind, wants to do a half-marathon in every state. This will allow us to take a fun road trip AND get her one state closer to her goal. Destination race here we come!

I love the feeling of having the racing schedule done, but I’m not there yet. Summers get so busy and I don’t want any races to get in the way of vacation plans. So far I have:

April: Gambler 5K

May: Color Me Rad & Illuminite Run (on the same day!)

June: 5K, Gretna


August: St. Paul Half Marathon


October: Midnight Run 5K

I’m looking for 10K’s in July and September. Racing season isn’t the only reason I’m eagerly awaiting spring, summer and fall. There are so many exciting things happening with our family: we have a grandbaby coming in July, Adam is done with the Army and moves back to go to college in August, I will get to goal weight in October. Who knows what other surprises are in store for us!

Today, working out the soreness from my over-exuberance, I’m grateful for the health and strength of our patchwork family. Navigating this life with all of them makes every day an adventure and every new season exciting. Running keeps me (relatively) sane through it all.

“Now you wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but I could run like the wind blows.” ~ Forrest Gump

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