I’m Wendy and I’m a Grumpus

I was a grumpus today. There was no way around it. I just was. I didn’t even have the energy to fight it. I just gave in to it. I know I’ve already mentioned that I’ve been sick. It’s gotten out of hand. I had to start antibiotics yesterday after the third straight night of coughing so much I would get about two hours of sleep. This, after taking cough medicine with happy juice in it!

It got me thinking today, though, that I don’t know how people do it. People who live with chronic disease that makes them so uncomfortable they can’t sleep. What about people who can’t breathe? Or those who suffer from insomnia? I want nothing to do with any of that.

So, while it’s REALLY difficult to summon the energy to work-out and I have had to take it a little easy – I have a renewed commitment to avoid any chronic disease my genetics haven’t already dictated. I know I wouldn’t be the sweet old lady with the sunny disposition that I want to be someday if I had to deal with insomnia, chronic pain, shortness of breath or anything else that would make me a grumpus.

I’m delicate. I need my sleep. If I don’t get it, there’s no-one in the world who wants to live or work with THAT mess. The plan for tonight is tea with honey, cough medicine with happy juice and sleep. Tomorrow all will be right with the world again.

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