Face the music

“Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow.”  ~ Doug Firebaugh

I have no idea who Doug Firebaugh is but I’ve read and heard from other sources that this is good advice. Doug just happened to show up with this quote on Facebook today and remind me that I need to write something about this.

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I’m Wendy and I’m a Grumpus

I was a grumpus today. There was no way around it. I just was. I didn’t even have the energy to fight it. I just gave in to it. I know I’ve already mentioned that I’ve been sick. It’s gotten out of hand. I had to start antibiotics yesterday after the third straight night of coughing so much I would get about two hours of sleep. This, after taking cough medicine with happy juice in it!

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The gift of time

If you’re anything like me, you’re in overdrive most of the time. There is always too much to do. There is always too little time.

Most of the time, I can’t fit a work-out in before I go to work. I love the days when I can, but most of the time it just doesn’t fit; unless I get up at 5:00 am and I don’t see that happening. I work daytime hours, usually getting home by five or five-thirty with just enough time to make dinner…sometimes a bit early and I can work-out quick before dinner. Otherwise, it’s after dinner or even after Allison is in bed. Painful!

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On limiting collateral damage

Even though I can’t kick a virus to save my life this winter, I’m feeling pretty good; pretty good because I’m working on my twenty-second perfect day in a row. That means I’ve completed three weeks of perfect days – perfect exercise, perfect food. The first twenty or so days of this are the hardest.

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Soft centers

“Sometimes the strongest people are the ones who love beyond all faults, cry behind closed doors and fight battles that nobody knows about.” ~unknown

We’re watching The Office, starting at the very beginning, on Netflix. I think we might be on Season 4. We did the same thing with Seinfeld many years ago – we didn’t watch it while it was airing but watched the whole thing in syndication. We’re a little slow to catch on around here.

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Running scared (or sick)

I’ve been sick more than your average bear this year. I have mostly hated it. I’ve done everything I could to stay well – I’ve been attending to my sleep, eating well, and exercising. Each time I was sick, I used Lysol to clean my door handles and surfaces and bought a new toothbrush. I wash my hands and use hand sanitizer like someone afflicted with OCD. This should not be happening to me! The one thing I can’t change is that I work in a hospital around a bunch of sick people.

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Shine that light on yourself

I’m paraphrasing from a book I read a few years ago that I forget the name of:

“Think of the person or people you love most in the world.  Really picture them and think about the depth of love and caring and compassion you have for them. See their faces in your mind. Feel the completeness of that love in your heart and soul – how you glow when you think about them…

Now, turn that around and shine a little bit of that light on yourself.”

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pot-ay-to, pot-ah-to

I’ve always enjoyed baked potatoes. Now, I don’t just have your standard baked potato, though – I make a meal out of it! This is a perfect meatless meal (if you take off the bacon). It’s so versatile – you can add just about anything to this. I’m not including nutrition facts because there are so many things you could add and there may be some things you want to take off of mine. Be creative! When I make these, I will make a couple of extras to take to work during the week. I would so much rather take something like this than something prepackaged or canned.

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