Let the mourning cease

When you go gluten-free, you have a period of mourning for all those familiar glutenously wonderful things you grew up with: caramel rolls, homemade bread, and pasta. I’m told that Wheatfield’s makes a delicious cinnamon roll, though I haven’t tried it yet. I haven’t actually missed bread that much – not enough to try to make some anyway. If I need toast, I use Udi’s. Pasta was the real issue. I felt a tantrum coming on…

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The way out is through

“The best way out is always through.” ~ Robert Frost

A few people have given me this advice throughout my life. I’ve also read about it. I always thought it was interesting, but it was one of those things that was so ethereal, it didn’t ever really stick. As I get older it’s starting to make a bit more sense.

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A bowl of loaded baked potato

Some day I will post something that’s not soup! I quite enjoy a good loaded baked potato. It’s one of my favorite meals. I’m a simple girl. The idea to make this soup came about when I had left over baked potatoes because I’d planned on the big kids (and their entourage) being here for a meal and they ditched us for something more fun. I bet they were disappointed and wishing they were home with their mother, don’t you?

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Eat what you love, and love what you eat

I love oranges right now. They are juicy, perfect, and bursting with flavor. I love different types of foods at different times of the year. I will devour a great salad but I don’t want anything to do with them in the winter. I wonder if it’s conditioning – that’s not something we had in the winter growing up in South Dakota. All the fresh, juicy flavors of summer are so fun to think about in the winter – and so fun to finally get to when June rolls around. When fall comes, I crave pumpkin bread, chili, kettle corn and turkey legs. In the winter: roasted meats, baked potatoes, soup, soup and more soup, anything that warms the belly.

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Enjoy the little moments in life

I have eaten the same breakfast every day for 7 months. I love it. I never grow tired of it. If any of you are eating instant oatmeal – you’ll want to take a few extra minutes and make this instead. It sticks to your ribs, as they say, and it tastes delightful. Most mornings I comment on how good it tastes. Allison will say, “I know, I know – it’s SO good.” Apparently I can be a little repetitive (and annoying. That can just stay between us).


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My life in the ‘hoods’

Every parent has had more than their share of advice about how to handle tantrums. The advice ranges from “pick them up and remove them” to “ignore them.” It’s possible to pick them up. But, if you’re going to attempt this, it helps if you’ve had experience lifting flailing, 8-legged, baby giraffes. You can also ignore them…

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