The Beginning

One goes through time – just plowing ahead until at some point, there is a moment of clarity. That moment may be broken up, over time, into little glimpses of that clarity. Perhaps you thought about getting healthy, but you were just “too busy” or “too tired” or “too…” something else to entertain the thought for very long. Maybe you were told you have an intolerance to one or more foods, but that information was inconvenient for you to process at the time you got it, so you just kept living in your current state.

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It started with being grateful. A year or so before I focused on getting healthy and living the best life I could, I decided to look at life with gratitude. Not just observe things but say them out loud, “What a beautiful blue sky!” so my daughter (who was 3 or 4 at the time) could grow up looking at the world through grateful, grounded eyes.

I’m not sure which of us has benefited more from this small shift in perspective. You will hear alot about gratitude and living life joyfully here. The difference in this place is that you’ll be hearing it from a 40-something wife and working mother of 4 who struggles every day to keep balance and perspective.

My goal is to help you do the same through discussions about weight-loss, food/recipes, and exercise. And we can’t get any of that accomplished without a little inspiration! Thanks for sharing yourself and your time.